2006-07 MA Jazz, Leeds College of Music
2000-03 BA Jazz, Leeds College of Music
1999-00 Jazz improvisation, Høgskolen i Stavanger


Born July 5, 1978.

Schanche has been living in Stavanger since 2008, where he is strongly involved in the city's music scene. He is among others part of the music collective Kitchen Orchestra who has worked with Alexander von Schlippenbach, Keith Tippet, Evan Parker, Lotte Anker, Django Bates, among others.

Vidar's musical expression can be defined as a mix of rock, electronic effects, jazz and improvised music. Schanche has worked / works with the following bands and artists: EGG3, The Norwegians (Twin Peaks in Concert), Morten Abel, Kitchen Orchestra, Pocket Corner / Extended Corner, Gunhild Seim's "Story Water», Randi Tytingvåg, Athana / Schanche.

Schanche works as a full-time freelance musician and has been awarded the Mølsterprisen, Sparebanken Vest Kunststipend and the Stavanger Municipality art Scholarship. In 2015, Schanche completed the commissioned prize concert "Awakening" during this year's Mai:Jazz.

In the autumn of 2016 Vidar was found at Rogaland Theater as a musician and actor of Christian Eriksen's 'Nerds' theater, where he also composed the music.



Pocket Corner: Doog & Moon
Pocket Corner: 4010 Local time
EGG3: Butcher Red
EGG3: The Butcher diaries
Kitchen Orchestra: Kitchen Orchestra with

Alexander von Schlippenbach
Athana/Schanche: In:Pulse

Extended Corner: Extended Corner
Morten Abel: Lost (singel)
Kitchen Orchestra & Janove Ottesen: Pumper Julen rett inn.
Kitchen Orchestra & Pål Jackman : Jul på jæren

Line Larsen : The art of longing.
Tore Meberg: Novachords
Tore Meberg: Second to some
Gunhild Seims Story Water
RobbleRobble: Robblerobble
RobbleRobble: Robblerobble2
Karianne Arntzen Band: I går kveld
Karianne Arntzen Band: Sant
Sebastian Waldejer: Rise of the urban child

Awards and scHolarships

2015 Stavanger Municipality art Scholarship
2014 Mølsterprisen
2010 Sparebanken Vest Kunststipend
2009 Kulturbonus Sparebanken Vest / Rogalands Avis