Labconcert 20.03.19 – Bjergsted Feedbackensemble


Kolb´s Experimental Learning Cycle:

1      I had made a simple outcast for a graphic system aimed at electric guitarists, featuring techniques such as feedback, fuzz, phase bending(?), reverb and tapping. I worked with two guitar students from the faculty (Bjergsted Feedbackensemble) over two sessions, where a lot of work was put into working with the specific techniques. I had to instruct them in both how to get the best results, as well as how to work with them in a group setting. We also talked a lot about which pedals to use, and they both ended up with buying a few new effects.

2    We performed at the first Labconcert at the faculty. 

3    During the performance, I realised that we had to work more with how the students have to work in the group. They were always waiting for me to take the lead. I tested this during the performance by stopping for a while, waiting for one of them to start something, but I eventually had to start myself. We also need to work more with the fuzz bit, there was a bit too much movement from the students. We also have to talk about the danger of making too much noise in these settings. 

Questions from the public:

– Was it intentional to have similar sounds on the guitars?

Reflection: In the fuzz section, as well as the feedback section, I tried to have similar sounds in the ensemble

videoVidar Schanche